The brain disconnects randomly and can't seem to fix it

We are 5 days away from leaving to the US Open in Iowa but we came across an issue like no other. Our robot randomly disconnects and shows a message saying that our top slot of the brain motors are disconnected. That means the drive train, the intake, and the high hang(Plus two color sensors. Our temporary solution was to remove the battery and put it back. It always happens when we are practicing driver skills and our robot is doing too many actions at the same time. Please reply quickly, we only have a small amount of time. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Does this happen across multiple batteries? Does it happen with a new battery? I’ve seen something like this a couple times with older batteries and lots of draw on them, seems to brown out the brain and cause it to flake just briefly enough to disconnect some ports.

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I am using a new battery, and still it happens, it happened 3 times in 2 hours.

I think you are overloading the power distribution in the IQ brain.

Can you split so there motors are a little more balanced across all 12 ports. They are in groups of three 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12.


Is this a generation 1 (monochrome screen) brain ? Check/replace cables, and as Foster says, use a well charged battery,


Have to try it tomorrow, thanks for the help.

How did testing go? Did moving the motors around help?

Yup it worked, I think it was too much of an overload. Are driver control working perfectly fine.


Yay, we always like a happy ending here on the forum. Good luck this weekend at the Open!


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