The calculation of 500 words- Electronics Online Challenge Sponsored by Texas Instruments

Pardon the late post, but I am finishing my report for the challenge. I have a couple questions about the technicalities of fitting within 500 words.

  1. If I were to make a table of contents, and have those table of contents words appear again in the report as a section header, would that count toward the 500 words?

  2. If I were to have graphics such as bar charts with text in them, could I use the 25 word buffer covered by photos to be used on the chart itself? I have attached a crude example. In the example, I have 10 words of captions thought the entire graph, under the limit of 25.

Thank you in advance for the last minute reply.

Great questions.
Table of Contents will not count against the total word count; however, section headers do count if they are in the body of the report. Page numbers at the bottom or header/footer labels not in the body of the report also do not count against the total word count.
Text appearing in charts/graphs/imagery will not count against the total or the 25 word caption limit. Captions for the charts/graphs/imagery need to be limited to 25.

Thanks and good luck!