The case against SG9

Please see >>> the StrawPoll <<< I made here.

Would (in YOUR opinion) removing SG9 make this years VEX game better?

I don’t really know. I would like to see what it forces people to do. As it is, this game stands to be extremely fast paced and will drive people to be extremely fast and efficient. I think allowing multiple cones (outside of restricting it to 2 or something) would essentially turn this game into skyrise. Also I think this poll will be skewed towards yes since humans generally don’t like restrictions.

Looking at note 2 on SG9.

I mean, vex is practically drawing a robot in your design notebook with that one. From what I’ve read it’s kosher to be moving a goal and controlling a cone as long as you’re not touching any of the ones stacked on it. You’d need to be careful of wobbling stacks and those goals are like four pounds so it might hurt your drive. It seems practical though, at least for small stacks. Should make for some cool designs.
At this point I wish they’d done like a three or four holding limit though.

If I were the GCD, I would go all the way, or pedal back. This in-between state that we’re in just eliminates otherwise viable and interesting strategies. For example, because the possession limit doesn’t need apply when they are stacked, the GDC is forcing down a path: you must hold a base and stack onto it, then place it. If you’re going to be a bear, be a grizzly!

come on… could we have a limit of like 5 cones for example? We have 90 cones, so 5 wouldn’t really make much of a difference

IMO, if you could hold more than 1 Cone at a time, this game would just turn into a contest to see who can hoard the fastest.

but then, without that the game would be like who can build the fastest turbo motor robot LOL

Yes, this game is going to be very fast paced. However, I don’t think a Turbo drive is the way to go. Those Mobile Goals are pretty heavy.

well true… Probably I would go with high speed 4 motor mecanum drive + 6 motor lift and 2 motor intake like tossup

You probably would only need a motor powered intake for the Mobile Goals. For Cones, you could just have a standoff that goes through them, since they have holes.

but then observing the cones, you would still need to maneuver in a certain way. Note that cones don’t have holes on all sides really

That’s true. I didn’t think about that.

I think SG9 is intended to slow the game down a little. Due to the lack of descoring I could see all of the cones getting scored in well under two minutes if teams were allowed to carry multiple cones. As it is they are leaving the option open to add more cones to the field before worlds, I can only imagine they are doing this just in case teams end up clearing the field with time to spare on a regular basis.

I think they shouldn’t remove it, but rather increase the amount to something fair such as 4 cones…

They’re not going to change it, I just want to know how many people would prefer to have it removed.

@Cody I assume an analysis video is coming our way? I’m always interested in hearing your conclusions

“I think they shouldn’t remove it…”

Actually I’m leaning towards no.

Regarding the Vex game, I did a lengthy video where I ripped it apart, uploaded it and sat there looking at the publish button. I hate the game, I mean I was really hard on it. But then I realized, it does its job perfectly. For high schoolers playing a game as a ruse to to game amped for STEM, it’s perfect.

Why should I be mad? I wasn’t going to play the game anyway.

I need a couple hundred thousand dollars to get my life started, and when it comes down to things that need done, my old Texas upbringing gives me one and only one path forward - roll up your sleeves and do it.

So let the kids play the game, and figure it all out for themselves.

Aw i always liked your vids because they always pointed out the stupid parts and concepts in the new game or whatever topic you discussed. Good luck though and i hope you stay a part of this community.

I appreciate it! I’m not likely leaving, I always end up getting lopped back into robotics.