The Case FOR SG9

It’s clearly posted in the Game Manual, along with other constraints that the GDC thought would make for an exciting game. That’s the only reason needed.

Remember how quickly teams were able to score every ball on the field in NBN? This should prevent those few seconds of robots driving around with nothing to do.

Rules are simply arbitrary restrictions designed to limit how a goal is acheived. Rule SG9 is one of the rules they’ve given us this year. I have no opinion on whether it would be a “better” game with a different object limit. I know it would be a different game, however.

I don’t see how it matters. Arguing it would be a better game with a rule change is not particularly relevant. Case in point: I personally think Startstruck would be a better game if they allowed small explosives. I really like games with pyrotechnics. I think it makes them more exciting, and puts more on the line. Way cool. (I’m against using shells larger than standard festival ball size, however. Too dangerous.) And yes, I’ve competed in games with fireworks and explosives. Second place is the best I’ve ever done. But oh my, even losing is glorious.

Games are systems of goals constrained by arbitrary rules. Until proven otherwise, I’m going to assume SG9 is a fine rule, and “In the Zone” is a fine game.

I just wish I could get the Autozone jingle out of my head.

My thoughts exactly, even with SG9 it’s possible we’ll see robots clearing the field before time is up. I think that’s why they left the option open to change the number of cones on April 5. If full clears become the norm the simple solution is to add more driver loads.

I just said that to my daughter. She stared at me for a minute until comprehension dawned. Then she said “Dang it Dad!”

You’re welcome.

Well we know what our new meme is for next year…

You mean like this?

Hahaha omgosh I’m gonna use that!

Yes. Yes I do mean that.

Maybe @Karthik and the rest of the GDC don’t hear jingles in their collective heads when they name the games.

Seeing how much I hated NBN, I am very glad for it.