The catapult gets in our way

My team has been having problems with our robot’s catapult as it gets in the way with the lift. Has anyone had the same thing or do you have any advice for us?. I’d appreciate it <3

A photo of the situation could better help the community help you with your problem. Also, I would suggest looking at other teams who have posted reveal videos of their robots on YouTube that you could look at for a solution to your problem.


You could try making your catapult into your elevation, my team is doing a see-saw style catapult and we put angled gussets on the Triball side to hang on the bar when the catapult goes down.

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Uploading: WhatsApp Image 2023-11-20 at 11.27.36 AM.jpeg…

I hope It help.

This link isn’t working for me.

Is this an issue for anyone else?

Yep, I can’t open it either.

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here, I’m sorry "

Could you please elaborate on your issue? A catapult “getting in the way” of a lift is a very broad statement. Please help us help you.

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yes where is your cata and how is it getting in the way of your lift?