The current 687C team will be the new 687A

Hello VEX teams. I had a blast this season, especially when the Nerd Herd 687A team went to Worlds. Unfortunately, majority of the 687A team (including myself) are seniors and we will be graduating soon. I had fun for the past three years of VEX. I get to meet new friends and compete with the best teams around the world.

Nerd Herd 687A has experienced some highs and lows this season, but through it all the team members sought to design, build and program a robot that could rise to the challenges presented this year. Even though that we didn’t win, this team has accomplished a lot. We got interviewed by PTLW and Autodesk, experience the thrill of robotics, and learned a lot about teamwork. Shout out to the amazing team because we all worked hard for this moment, winning Judges Award, Excellence Award, and Sportsmanship Award this season. I’m proud of what our team accomplished. I wish you all good luck on your new game VEX Robotics: In The Zone. Continue thriving on what you do best and leave a legacy that everyone will remember.

I made a recap video to when the Nerd Herd Team 687A went to the 2017 VEX Worlds.

The current Nerd Herd Team 687C will become the new 687A, and all the members in that team dreamed to compete in VEX Worlds. They are so passionate and dedicated to VEX Robotics, that they will do their best to qualify to Worlds.

Unless my college has VEXU, I will never forget the moments I witnessed in VEX Robotics. Farewell to everyone and thank you, from the Nerd Herd 687A.

“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.”
-Albert Einstein