The current rank at events will now be average based

The current ranking scroll at events will look a little different this season. We get AVERAGES now!

  1. Average Win Points
  2. Average Autonomous Points
  3. Average Strength of Schedule Points

Previous years it was just…

  1. Win Points
  2. Autonomous Points
  3. Strength of Schedule Points

It won’t really matter too much at the end of a tournament, every team will be ranked on the same number of matches anyway. During an event where teams have played a different amount of matches the rankings will look a little different than what they did in past years.


I don’t think they will even show wins and losses, because you can lose 8 matches but still get 8 WP, ranking above a team that went 1-7 and didn’t get the home row WPs.


A victory in a match gives you 2 WP. An auton home row gives you 1 WP. A tie gives you 1 WP. A loss gives you 0 WP. According to your example, team 1 would have an average of 1 WP but team 2 would have an average of 1.75 WP (14 WP/8 matches)

0-8 and always getting home row, total of 8, avg of 1
1-7 and never getting home row, total of 2, average of .25

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Okay now I understand. IMO it doesn’t rly matter cause that’s an issue at the lowest part of the bracket and if somebody is losing 7/8 matches they probably aren’t going to win the tourney. Even if they were a wall ot (which a lot of times end up in the low ranks due to the sttructure of the tournment) they are often scouted out specifically before alliance selection.

I just went down there because the math is easier…

So let’s use W-L (A), where A is the number of WP from the Auto period.

Let’s say you go 7-1 (3) because you are the BEST bot there and just crush everybody…
BUT another team really focused on perfecting their auto and managed to score all three in the home row by themselves if necessary. The have a good day but not as good… They go 5-3 (8)

7-1 (3) = 17 WP
5-3 (8) = 18 WP

Given that AP is the first tie breaker, they REALLY want you to program your bot this year!


That’s a rly nice twist. I would like to see some crazy autons this year

Today’s life lesson is “People do things you reward them for.” When people have a job that pays a bonus for additional sales, people will make an effort to do additional sales. (*)

This year GDC is paying you a bonus to do Auto programs. They have set up the field to let you do this with vision targets over the goals, taped lines that end up at the goals, so they are expecting to have all robots move on “Autonomous in 3-2-1”.

I would expect to see some posts in a few weeks of “here is our easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy auto code to share”. It’s worthwhile for you to pull those six points off the table for all robots and let you focus on doing what your robot does best. The strategy of “hope my partner has an auto and the other team does not” won’t pay off in the long run.