The difference between the performance of V5 and V4

This game has 2 V5 robots(Red) vs 2 V4 robots(Blue). You can see how strong V5 is against the older generation. My team 6526E faced them in the finals and we lost. During that competition, my team’s drive motors were brutalized by the V5 bots. At the end of the day, we were having internal motor gear problems because of the massive amount of pushing that was inflicted on us by the newer generation robots. This was able to affect our robot enough that the robot had trouble getting up the platform; threw out the day we broke a total of 4 internal gears for the drive motors because of this. I believe this was a good experience because now we know we need to move to the newer generation to be relevant.
I will see if I can get the finals video where my team faced them, it was much closer then this semifinals game.

This is consistent to what we saw at tournament up here. A team using old system remarked that they should have probably built the chassis out of steel, because their frame getting wacked out of shape by V5 pushbot.

My team has a strong aluminum drive (6HS) and custom sticky wheels that I built that give us more traction. But at cost of our motors lifespan.