The Drive Team: A VEX Robotics Podcast

Interested in the VEX Robotics Competition? Want to hear from fellow competitors and mentors? Excited about this season’s game? Join Winston and Ev from Vex Ontario every two weeks as they interview members of the VRC community, analyze competitions, and discuss game strategies. Each episode will host a special guest to talk about their journey in robotics, as well as some tips and tricks in the world of VEX Robotics.

Our trailer is out now, on most major podcast platforms! Follow us so you won’t miss our exciting first episode, coming soon!

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We hope you enjoy!

-Winston & Ev


I love this idea!

Lets vote who community thinks is the special guest we all want to see on your next show:

  • @DRow
  • @jpearman
  • @DanMantz
  • @meng and 8059 alumni
  • PROS compiler warning interpretation team
  • Editor of the month from the BLRS Wiki team
  • Random middle schooler who joined vexforum this season

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This is an amazing idea, I really can’t wait for the first episode to launch.

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followed! can’t wait!


We have a new website! Use to easily find or share our show on different podcast platforms!

Stay tuned for our first episode, coming this week…



Hey everyone!

The first episode of The Drive Team podcast is out! In this first episode, hear from @Kevin_Boenisch about his journey from a competitor to becoming the founder and president at RoboSource!

Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, etc. Visit!

We hope you enjoy this first episode!