The End of a Legacy

Keith Horton and Conner Stiles are 2017 graduates, and I threw a video together to reflect on our success.

As I stated in the description, thank you to everyone that we’ve met and become close to. You guys are awesome!

Quite the improvement from Toss Up to Skyrise, haha!

We were super mad about how close we were at winning state, so it gave us the motivation to do our absolute best because we really wanted to go to worlds. I guess it worked lol

How this video have more dislikes than likes? WTH? It deserves WAY more than that…

I was wondering the same question… but thanks!

It’s sad to see you guys go. It was really great working with you during the math division elimination rounds in skyrise and winning the division. Your robots always had some of the best programming I have ever seen.

Thank you for the kind words. It was amazing to work with you guys, and to be lucky enough to win our division!

Just to add on, I really loved the fact that we were always next to each other in the pits during nationals and worlds. We will definitely remember you!

That was always awesome! We’ll remember you guys too!