The family tree of Vex robotics

We were working on our notebook and thought about ways to give credit to the teams we got ideas from. Our main body and arm lift design was taken from 2131C and our skyrise gripper was copied from 1893a. Some of our program code we got from people we know who got it from the forum, like for our LCD menu and mech wheels.

One of our mentor moms is a biologist and said we should draw something like a family tree for where we got our ideas from. A phylogenetic tree. We did that somewhat and shows how it goes back to our toss up robot from last year. We thought it would be fun to have everybody make like a giant tree like this and put where they got their ideas from, and maybe going back years ago if they know. And dead ends that did not work.

Like we got our main body from 2131c but maybe 2131c got their idea or part of it from some other team. Anyway we do not know how to make something like that really big on the forum or the internet somewhere and where wondering if any body knows how to do that so teams could put in where they got their ideas and make like one big online tree that covers year after year.

It would be very difficult since I doubt teams really remember where they got their from/ properly document it, but it sounds like a really fun idea.