The fence won't fit

So, we’re putting our field together right now but we have come across a problem. My team just assumes that the examples shown in Appendix A is with the hanging bar in the field since the screwing hole doesn’t line up otherwise and we don’t plan on making holes in our field. I guess that’s alright, but the problem is the fence. For some reason, the horizontal beams don’t line up with the vertical beams of the fence like how it’s supposed to. Like, we would have the bars on the sides connect and all screwed in but then the beams in the middle won’t even be able to fit on both sides and just fall straight down. So we’re all confused on whether we’re doing something wrong or if it’s something else?

This problem sounds somewhat familiar. In this thread I think I described something similar.

Did you use the new field perimeter feet?

As others have mentions, rubber feet for vertical alignment to field components. The horizontal distance problem of the center beams may be due to having the fence base plate misplaced. They want to placed such that the connectors are in the tabs flush with the inside tiles not the outer tabs (hard to comprehend, but if you position the base plates with the outside tabs, you are adding distance between the posts so the center beams will just drop down as they can not reach).

I don’t have access to my field, otherwise I would post a picture of this.