the forum pictures

on the forums home page under were it says whos online there used to be a long strip of pictures from the gallery and now its not there:confused:

interesting, i wonder why the admins took it off. im guessing becasue the pics were only added like once a month.

The new version of our portal does not have an updated module for the new version of our gallery. Once it is available, it will be added back on there.

There was an update to the gallery software, and the portal images work now. It is set to show the 10 most recent uploads to the Vex Forum galleries.

Along with a few bug fixes, this update comes with a few enhancements to the site & gallery integration.
*]If a member has uploaded images to the gallery, their newest pictures will show up on their user profile (example).
*]Random images show on the bottom of the forum home page (link).