The fuel of teams ...

Hi … me and a couple of the guys were talking about the fuel of a team … we came to the final agreements of …

Subway …
Pepsi/coke …

what do you think …

Pure unadulterated adrenaline.

i learned the hard way 2 years ago that you should never leave the skittles bag right next to the keps nuts…

For my club, without question, Mountain Dew and frozen pizzas. Without exaggerating, we can easily go through a 24 pack of soda and close to a dozen pizzas. Yumm.

Food and Water is all 323Z needs :slight_smile: Anything will make us happy.

Our favorites are Lemonade and hot Pizza!

awesome … only reason ours is subway is because it is 5 mins from school … and we buy a platter deal …

For our club its PIZZA!! My team gets Dominos becuase we like it, but the rest of the club makes a big papa johns order every friday to fuel the madness… all the way to 10pm some times(at school). :smiley:

My team last year ran off of Cup of Noodles and Yoohoo.

We Nebraska teams consume only raw beef and cold milk in the days leading up to competition. We try to get back to our roots, you see. nods solemnly

(I can’t actually speak for any Nebraska teams that aren’t from Omaha North High School) :wink:

Diet coke and pizza for sure are the best robot food

o wait i meant robot builder food…

Well I get some nice homemade food… paninis, pizza, burgers, fish, etc. While the rest of the club eats their pitiful takeout :smiley:

And i just go eat at home… or steel your food.

I like the second option better.

Mmmmmmm… Pumpkin Pie. I went back into the room and left in the hallway and it magically disappeared when I returned.

But mostly pizzas

That wasn’t me I ask before I take it.

and yes pumpkin pie needs to be added to the list

Oh no you wouldn’t… there was an Al in the vicinity.

For our team is is Little Ceasers and Chick-fil-a depending on what we want. Both are within a 10 minute driving distance, so they both are convenient, Little Ceasers especially so on long work nights.

dude you gave me a piece!!!

Plus i will consider it a bribe for good stuff This year… JK

NAR fuel can not be disclosed simply because of the nature of its contents. :wink:

Should the FDA be concerned?

I am partial to WaWa tournament days. For all of you outside of the greater Philadelphia region, this is there webpage( They make really the best hoagies!