The future of 62 and Cameron

Haven’t been on here in a while.

I would like to announce that I will no longer be involved with VEX as a competitor in either HS or College. However, the experiences i’ve had with you guys have been ingrained too far into my life for me to leave. From ri3d to my very first competition, i’ve always felt at home here. Because of this, I plan to stay involved with the program for years to come. If anyone ever needs help or mentorship, i’m just a message away.

Do any of you guys remember that poll I made awhile back in starstruck asking about backpack features? For the past year and a half, Jonathan (62 programmer) and I have decided to reinvent the student bag from an engineers perspective. Today, we launched our company on kickstarter. You guys have always been hugely influential in making this possible and as a thank you to this community, we want to make sure that you can get the bag for a severely discounted rate. The first set of people to order receive this early bird discount.

None of this would be possible without the skills we learned during our time competing in VEX. You would be shocked with how similar some of the techniques in robotics and business are. I think this is a huge point that is rarely looked upon, yet its one of the most powerful for kids looking to go into entrepreneurship.

Let me know what you guys think about the backpack.


Thank you for all you have contributed to the vex community and good luck in the future in life and in your company

I honestly think its really cool with what your doing and I wish you luck with it

I love the backpack thing. You should try and go on Shark Tank if it does well.

It’s really amazing ,congrats guys!!! How about a vex special edition?

Looking good. Congrats!

The backpack is dank. Wish you luck on the company

I love the backpack - especially the separate partition for non-books!

I hope everything goes well with Prova.

Thank you so much for all your contributions to VEX. (My team watched a reveal video of your Skyrise robot when learning how to build a DR4B.)

You pushing two robots at once during the round robin at worlds was still my favorite moment of In the Zone.

My three favorite were 1) him holding an opposing alliance to 24 points in quals, 2) him pushing 3 people in rr (he also pushed 929 a bit), and 3) when he pulled the savage maneuver of pushing an opposing mogo out of the 5 point zone for a 15 point swing and then that alliance complaining to the ref. 62 made worlds last year very interesting. It would have been amazing to see them win. It would have been a repeat of the pushbot that won worlds- 2915C from toss up

I actually missed looking out for your Ri3D reveals.
It had became an early season highlight for me for the past few seasons. It was always interesting to see the contrasting robot designs between your team and mine :slight_smile:

Edit: Just saw the “reveal” vid of the backpack… I am totally sold! I am getting one for my son!

It’s been a pleasure competing alongside you, from being wowed by your skyrise states bot to scrimming with you the past 2 years to watching you tear it up with 929! Congrats on getting to the dome this past year and good luck with your backpacks!

Yeah I really enjoyed making those. I almost did one this year but was busy with the bags. Maybe next year??

Thank you so much, to you and everyone who wants to get a bag. I’ve dedicated so much of my life to this that your support really means the world to me.

Sad to see you leave Cam, i’ve been a huge fan of you and your work for as long as i’ve been in Vex. Your Legacy and talent will be remembered in the community for a very long time. I’m so glad that i got to meet and alliance with you at worlds this year.

These bags are awesome, I can’t wait for mine to come in December. Congratulations and good luck!


Interesting idea :slight_smile: maybe if enough people support it there will be some stretch goals.

Looking at this, I would say that it’s definitely the most useful and compact backpack I’ve ever seen. Best of luck with your company and, you know, life.

Congrats on hitting your goal

@Cameron Schiller – I’m also in for one of your backpacks, hoping that the side load feature will help with all of the ipads I take around.

Nicely done I ordered one as well, I actually think this will work well for my work needs.

great design.