The future of this season

My district has decided that we will not be returning back to school in person at the beginning of the year and instead doing online instruction. Of course that means that I am unable to meet with my team. I was so much looking forward to this season and it looks like it may not happen for us.
Is anyone else in the same situation?

In my case, everything is going to be up in the air until later in the year. We will still be able to work on our robots because we are allowed to take them home

our school district is starting with online learning as well. the first 6 weeks at least.

Last night I was starting to slip in to the “what is the point?” hole. Any thoughts on how or if competitions will be conducted if everyone is in a remote learning environment? Who is going to be brave enough to host an event at this point anyway?

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If I were in VRC in New Zealand, I would be all set, wouldn’t I?

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Submitting skills over video will be an option if all else fails. Probably more spots for states for skills as we will have less tournaments in the fall.

Hang in there.

If nothing else, build for fun and to learn, because everyone else will just be sitting around waiting. Then you will crush everyone who has been sitting doing nothing.


Ok so we’ve narrowed down to you don’t live in New Zealand. Do you live in the Delmarva Region? We are planning for events after Jan 1. Help us, where are you at?

So yes and no. Can you have one person build and the rest of you help with the design? Programming can be done remotely! CAD can be done remotely!! Can you split the design up in modules (base, shooter, etc) and each of you build one part and then one person assembles it? Think like a car maker. All the parts are made around the world, sub assemblies are made around the world. It’s only the last steps that need to be done in one place.

This is the year to think outside the box!!!

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I think the best piece of advice that I rarely see being brought up on the forums is to FOLLOW SOCIAL DISTANCING AND WEAR A MASK EVERYWHERE YOU GO.

Yes, it sucks not being able to hang out with your friends. Yes, it sucks having to wear a mask literally everywhere. But just remember the outcome from doing these things: an earlier date for the day when everything is back to normal again.

Robotics is awesome, it really is, but the safety of yourself and others is even more important. You cant do robotics if you and your teammates are sick, or worst case scenario, dead. Even with modern medical technology, the impact of this virus on everyone is truly unpredictable. Its recently killed quite a few teenagers and newborns, not as many as senior citizens, but a teen death is a teen death and should be taken very seriously.

Especially with many schools deciding to partially re-open, I predict a notable spike coming up around the September time. Let’s try our best to avoid it!


LOL, I am in WV. As of now, I only see 3 registered events in the entire US. I realize many events are just not registered yet, but am curious as to how many available events (praying for a non-zero number) will be available to us this year.

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Hey, nice to see someone else from WV on here!

VEX events in WV don’t normally get into full swing until January anyway, so there’s plenty of time left to figure out what the season will look like here.

The COVID situation never got really bad here in the first place, and the recent bump seems to have at least plateaued after masks were mandated in indoor public spaces a couple weeks ago. But on the other hand, who knows what will happen when colleges return next month.

So overall, who knows :man_shrugging:. But I’m definitely not giving up hope for events this year yet.


Here in Forsyth County they have banned all the school Vex teams and there would not give any coemption’s in any school for Vex

Although this category is VEX IQ, even I worry about those if they would have the opportunity to do VEX. This makes me think about one possibility of VEX VR actually being improved to a point where they can host virtual competitions online yet still educate/teach.

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At the EP conference they said that teams would be able to do virtual skills runs at skills only events.

We are in FL, so we have been told probably no events first semester. So when I host a virtual skills event you can sign up for it (or any of them really) and have your score count for Georgia. If Georiga has NO events, not even regionals, then WORLDS spots would just come off the skills list.

Hopefully you do have access to the equipment you need. I will be transporting equipment to my students as needed, especially if we go completely virtual.

I know they will also do virtual judging, but the details are not all there yet. The new and improved judges guide will be an interesting read.


I’ve posted a bunch of events but I always set them to not show until Aug 1. I posted them in May, so I will probably have to cancel or change most of them… But this is how it is every year.

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Thanks, so mean if you live in any state you can do the virtual skills runs.

If this is true, then teams could “game the system” and sign up for a bunch of events and sweep them. But it also means that teams can find the event that best works with their schedule.


Yes, that’s what they said at the EP summit. That is basically how they would always run anyway. You could always go to a tournament in another state and the skills run would count back in your region. So adding the virtual element means that you could possibly have more tournaments to go to.


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