The Gods Are Angry

Hello, does anyone know how to please the VEX gods? We’ve been trying to make autons for almost a week now and overtime we begin to plan the auton, the pistons on our claw breaks off… the claw works perfectly during driver practice and nothing seems wrong, but whenever we mention the word “auton” one of the two pistons break. this has happened 3 days in a row. we come in after school, start planing autons, the piston breaks, we scavenge for another pistons, replace the piston, and head home. then the same thing happens the day after… help plz. we’ve run out of spare pistons… any suggestions?

Sacrifice a goat

More details please. Maybe a picture of the claw? How do the pistons break?

we’ve tried the greater sacrifice of a minion, but to no prevail…

ohh no not a minion

Sacrifice a cortex :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe even some spare aluminum.
Or a motor or two…

we felt it would please the gods but nothing has helped so far…

good idea but what id that doesn’t work…? we are all getting scared. us little spurflys are easily frightened

I know exactly how to fix this.
However, I cannot tell you as it is forbidden by the vex gods to interfere with their judgements.

You need to sacrifice your most important teammate

I’ve always held that blood sacrifice is the best way to success, but for some reason not everyone agrees with me.

During my first year, I cut quite a few pieces, and filed none of them down. I ended up with bloody hands every time I dug through our bucket of metal looking for a piece. I starting filing stuff down after I decided that it took more time to bleed than to file stuff down.

You must sacrifice another 60X to tombstone to maybe get your robot working

No you’ve got it all wrong, one must sacrifice one new full length piece of aluminium c-channel.

enlighten me all knowing profit of the gods!

Pull apart a star and form a pentagram with it on a vex field. Build ten pushbots with makeshift flamethrowers and proceed to fight them to the death. Then acquire exactly 57 (no more, no less) vexnet keys and stick them all into the foam tiles. Light a fire in the center and have your entire team (and any sister teams) circle around it, singing “all I see around me are familiar faces, worn out places.” Finally, turn it off and back on again and you’ll be good. Contact me directly for any assistance.

+1 for the song.

sounds great! thank you so much

I’m having way too much fun reading through these :slight_smile:

It would have to be their SS robot though. And i don’t think they would give it up just quite yet… :stuck_out_tongue:

Who said they have to give it up willingly?

Well if you want to be that person…