The Great Starstruck Conveyor Belt

Hey guys,
I was thinking of some crazy ideas for starstruck, and I wondered, what if you just make a really big fast conveyor thing that sucks things up from the bottom and shoots it at the top. Have your partner feed it or something. Or, use this to hold like 7 stars and dump them all over at once. Just ignore the logistics of fitting into the 18^3 box. Wall bots did it, right? Thoughts?

That would be a very interesting strategy that I’d like to see implemented, but I think that it would rely to heavily on your allies.
Also, there would only be one robot going around and collecting objects, so even though it would be easy to get the cubes and stars over, there would only be one robot doing it.

What will you do while your alliance partner is hanging?

I have also thought the same thing about an intake. I was more thinking along the lines of two vertical parallel lengths of track, with hooks on each track. The hooks would go under the “base” of the star, and lift it. This is very similar to the cue intakes of sky rise, because it would lift the stars to a launching platform. I am curious on how you plan to have a partner feed your robot, because that equals less field coverage.

Well you could potentially drive around and intake stars by yourself too. It wouldn’t be as efficient, but still.
Just to clarify, this is most certainly NOT the strategy I will be using.

Thats the design we are currently prototyping, it can be a bit slow, but, it needs to be geared for torque and strength.

Very similar to my design. Take a look at the conveyor to heaven thread and see if you like it.

I just found this:

Are you think what you were thinking of but bigger?

You could do something like what 323Z did for their early Skyrise robot. They had that flip out tray that almost doubled the length of their intake tray. :slight_smile:

That is exactly what I was thinking, but bigger and like tilted and goes over the fence. And a more efficient intake.

Thats the design we are planning on doing except, our’s will be vertical, (up and down).

If I understand correctly, none of these scoring conveyors would be launching, right? They would just be dropped off one by one?

This might be an interesting strategy given that your intake multi-functions as your launcher :stuck_out_tongue:

My only concern is that I can’t envision how you would be able to pick up cubes without doing some weird stuff to the conveyor, the spacing would get all whack and that would be kinda hard to build. Or is there a way I am not seeing?

Why not intake stars on your own and remain immobile at the fence at the same time? Check this out: Robowranglers 2015: Batman & Robin - YouTube

It’ll basically be the reverse of the bot in the video. Have two bases connected via some c channels on rails and the conveyor belt. The big, immobile bot stays at the fence, while the other small and mobile one goes around to fetch stars.