The green cube scores 20?

Anyone can tell me if the green cube scores 20?S__26886157


From what the photo appears to show, the top cube meets all the definitions of “A Cube Scored on a Platform”.


It would definitely count… It’s just not a good use for the other cube!

This does not count because in my first game our Alliance did somewhat similar to it and the referee said it does not count. You can ask a Vex Iq staff if you want.:grinning::grinning::grinning:

There is no reason at all that this would not be scored. Please quote the relevant rule if you believe differently.

Heres a question I ask . If the manual does not talk about all this stacking stuff so why will you think it will be counted???



@2775Josh has posted the relevant rule. The cube meets all criteria of scored.

It is just using another cube

Why does that matter?

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