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Hey Dave, i was wondering if you plan to do vex this year? I haven’t seen Gus around or heard of your teams at all.

Hey Paul, GUS is defiantly participating in VEX this year! We’ve been working extremely hard in the past couple of weeks! I’ll have some stuff for you guys soon. :wink:


Dose This mean you will be attending the Manchester regional on the 14th? because we would like to see what GUS has for this year.

That is does! You’ll be in attendence? GUS always likes good competition!


Mr. Meagher (our mentor) said he would like us to go and we might bring Tech B along for the ride as well. we have been waiting for your teams to show up (maybe on January 7th at QCC?) you have always been great competition for us and were delighted to hear you will be in attendance.

We’ve been hiding in our closet working on another project. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll have more info about that in the coming weeks ;). The 7th is iffy, it’s FRC kickoff, but we might try to drag some kids out if i’m not in Manchester! I’m excited to face you this year! Let the competition begin!


yeah the FRC and Worcester AP English pre-test do get in the way for that event but I figured i could watch it later that night (it’s my first year doing FRC because my school stopped 2 years ago and i’m helping some other school in Worcester). we are just as equally excited to face you the 7th is going to be packed with good teams (about 20 so far) so its not going to be easy but it’s worth going to.