the gyro takes 3 second to initialize

my gyro takes 3 seconds to initialize every time. However in the help document it says that the gyro takes 1 second to initialize. are there any solutions? I just think it takes too much time. you know every second in the autonomous period is precious

Where are you finding the spec that lists a 1 second initialization time for the gyro? What programming software are you using?

I’ll run this by our electrical guys to see if they have any comments.


I’m using easyc to program and a one second initialization time for the gyro is listed in the “help” document in easyc

We did some testing in our lab and found that the gyros do take around 3 seconds to initialize, so there is nothing wrong with your setup. We will forward your feedback to the easyC development team so their documentation can be updated.


I got it and thank you very much for your answer