The highest score possible...

is only 120 points. With the help of the Toss Up app, I calculated the perfect game, and I was surprised. The perfect game would consist of an alliance winning autonomous, stashing 10 bucky balls in the two goals, capping them with a large ball, and both alliance partners high hanging with a large ball.

120 is pretty low compared to the previous games, and even then an average match would get nowhere near that, especially since 40 of those points are from double high hanging while holding balls. Craaaazy stuff. And even more reason to be excited to see how games turn out next season.

(Keeping in mind that only 5 bucky balls would fit in a goal without causing problems for the large ball and that it wouldn’t be reasonable to assume teams would be capable of stacking multiple large balls on the goal.)

95 Points. 5 in each of the two plastic tubes (50 total). 1 Big ball on each of the clear tubes (20 total). One high hanging robot with one big ball on it (20 total), and one big ball in the goal zone (5 total).

50+20+20+5 = 95

Where did the extra 5 come from?

EDIT: Apparently winning autonomous gets you 10 extra points, IDK how since no rules have been released.

EDIT 2: Found the manual! So its 105 points max!

Your allowed to have two hanging robots. But you did point out an error I made in not bringing the second goal into account. So I redid the score and came out with 120. Also, Cody has a pending question in the official Q&A about two hanging robots sharing the same ball. If that’s allowed, it’d go up to 125 with the extra large ball being in the goal zone.

I doubt there is enough space to hang 2 robots… unless one hangs low.

It is still technically possible, no matter how infeasible it may be.

I just checked the definitions in the game manual and for a robot hanging with a large ball is


That just means a robot can’t hang with 2 balls at the same time. If each robot has a ball then it’s possible. It’ll just mean an alliance needs to have 2 robots which don’t touch each other. if a robot can share a single ball, then the rule is uncertain and still fluctuates[sic]

Edit: Oh cool XD

This means that if two robots are touching one big ball while hanging, it will only count for one robot.

Even if it is infeasible, the max score is the max score. In Sack Attack, stacking every sack on the high goal in a match and winning parking and auton gets you 1060 points, even though no one can do that.

120 is about the same as Round Up’s max score. Today with the intake bot in the virtual ROBOTC exhibit, I got 46 points in a single-player match, so we should see some high scores in the late season especially.

I got 115 NOT counting the auton bonus. So 125 total.

This is assuming two robots hang with one holding a large ball and both touching. I called in “Tandem hanging” in my Q&A.

Doing so frees up the other large ball which counts for five points if it is in the goal-zone.


Tandem hanging is not allowed–see the definition of Hanging With A Ball:

emphasis mine

What if a robot holds on to the bar and holds itself above the bar? 20 pts? :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe this would fall under the defintion of “high hanging”, which only grants ten points, not twenty.

ok … sounds good to me, because i hated scoring a game for sack attack … took 2 long … even with app …

24 inch goal
5 inch objects
How are you putting 5 in the goal as well as the top ball?

I agree, this game will be a lot quicker to score and a lot easier as well, I think the lower scores for this is a good thing

If you assume that the buckyballs are 5" diameter spheres and the goal is an 8" diameter cylinder, they stack optimally in a zigzag pattern. If you do the geometry, it comes out to: 5" for the first buckyball and 4" for every other one on top, so 5 balls is 21".

Like the infinitely tall gateway goal, you can’t, unless you perform an amazing balancing act.

Given the size of the goals, it may be the case that some of the objects might fall not entirely on top of one another, making it possible, but we won’t be able to tell until we try it with a field.

The guy who posted above you is correct. They had a couple of fields for us to use at Worlds, and you can easily stack 5 in a goal, then cap.