The (In my opinion) best parking Idea!

I was going through Youtube looking at videos of past years for more inspiration. Then I found THIS video. Go to about 0:30. The piston gear with rubber bands that shoots down. Couldn’t we use that for a secure park on the platform?

You absolutely could. However, I would recommend using a piece bigger than a gear and anti slip mat rather than rubber bands.

If it is trying to resist other robots pushing you, I would recommend not mounting it directly to the end of the cylinder rod. As the rod will likely get bent.

Instead of pistons I’d use a motor to release it, that way you lose one motor instead of two.

Brilliant idea: Make a hook system that grabs onto the 4 sides of the parking peice.

Sounds like a blatant rule violation, bound to earn a DQ.

It’s a good idea. I never said it was a legal idea…

I think that’s a violation of <SG10>: Don’t clamp your robot to the field
Edit: I’m too late, someone else said that first

Instead of making it to were it illegally hooks onto the platform, why not make it to were when they come down, they’re place a certain way to not grapple the platform unless someone pushes you which would then cause a violation on them per G11

Either way they won’t be able to push you off

This sounds really promising. I bet someone will try that
The only obstacle I see is that referees might not like it because this can be considered a really defensive tactic

Your idea of a “brilliant idea” or a “good idea” is very different from mine.

Here are my two ideas for parking.
New Doc 2018-05-03 - Page 3.jpg
The first one lowers a plate at the edge of the platform. While the other team is pushing it, they are forceing the plate in to the platform preventing them from climing it.
The second one is a wheel that lowers it self on to the other teams’ robot and push agienst them. (Dont know if legal or not)

that first one hmm, if it’s not grappling i dont see how someone can stop it, especially if you stick antislip mat on the inside of it so that its also difficult to push you from the side

That’s sort of what my ideas were for bot that pushes down walls, except I was thinking that walls would drop from all side so that you’re building a perimeter while no one would be able to push you off it.

@Beepbloop35211 Could the second idea be done using the roller intake used for intaking balls?

I don’t think that is legal since rule <SG10>: “Strategies with mechanisms that react
against multiple sides of a Field Element in an effort to latch or clamp onto said Field Element are
prohibited.” But the intention of this is to prevent damage to the field. So you might be able to get away with it by making it very loose.

That is a great Idea, but one problem that this design might encounter could be that the rubberband got caught on the other team’s robot and broke after every game.

I love people being innovative, but I don’t see any way that this mechanism would give any noticeable effect to the opponent. There is just no way this would gain traction on the opponent, and it wouldn’t generate much force even if it did. In my opinion it would be much better to invest motors in a wedge, brake, or more for the drive.

what about a base that extends off of the platform, this means that the c channel will be on the platform. Because of this the wheels will not be on the platform so you can still use omni wheels and not have to worry about being pushed off. I am not sure if this is legal though.

@MAX_901M I think the whole robot must be touching the centre platform?

Here. It can’t be contacting the Alliance Platform…

This is another example of a brake