the lift idea for skill

Our robotics team had the idea for a way to lift in skills comp. If a team was to be able to lift themselves on to the wall and not touch the floor would they be able to have a low lift? It would not break the rule for leaving the play field because it states that they may not fully leave the play field. Also if the whole robot was above the wall would it be a high lift? Thank you.

You might want to review <SG14> and the definitions of low lift and high lift in the game manual, it would deem this illegal.

Id love to see a lifting challenge. How much can it lift/hold

We actually came out with the idea or concept on how to do a self-lift and balance on the perimeter back in June 2015.

But after Karthik has confirmed that it is only considered as lifting when the alliance is touching the robot, we scrapped off the idea.

The skills field could have a simple flat base drive train robot where weight could be added on top of it. The team could put as much weight as they want on it and try to perform a legal lift (controlling both robots…

There can only be one robot in the skills field…
There is no way you will have an alliance robot to touch yours…

Not if @robovexicon is in VexU, in which their are two teams each with two robots, allowing lifts in Skills.

Fair enough… so… are they?