The Little Robot That Could Remade?

Please tell me someone didn’t copy the design…

Referring back to this thread

Well the launcher is not mounted facing the side of the base, and I don’t think the two sides of the drive are connected. Also, the build quality definitely isn’t up to Tabor’s standard.

Besides the fact that this robot obviously couldn’t score 320. I don’t think Tabor’s robot owns the concept of a linear puncher on a base and nothing else.

R.I.P. Tabor 2016

I don’t know what that means. Unless Tabor died because he was so horrified that his robot is being compared to one that (it looks like) can’t even shoot at all.

I think that robot was built by a team that just couldn’t get an intake to work in the time between finishing the LP and a competition (or never really finished the LP), or they just decided to focus on DCLs exclusively. It definitely couldn’t do 320 in programming skills, and probably not in driver skills either.
TL;DR: not another “Little Robot That Could”, just a “Little Robot That Couldn’t (Intake)”

What a very interesting design they have…

Key point to be made here. “The research shows that they could score 320 points with the slip gear”

Would be a lot harder to do that in programming skills than on the" little robot that could ".

Several comments about difference in build quality were brought up. I think the main thing is I knew what I wanted exactly before I started and never tried to make a normal robot. A rough plan made my robot easy to build, about 4 hours, and I think their robot would have looked better built in less time. The build was simple and elegant and that made the built look nice.