the lost acessory kit: cutting tool?

i was cleaning in my garage when i found a vex poster I picked up at the georgia dome back in '05 when vex was a demo(you know, the one with the big head guy) on the back it has a list of products that i hadn’t really looked at but when I did I noticed that it names all the accesories that were in the works back then but haden’t been released. but besides the things that have been released now it names a “cutting tool” under an equipment catagory. also under this catagoey are saftey glasses and a carrying case. my question is what happend to this cutting tool? anyone know?

what about this carrying case you speak of? that would be cool!

it didnt say much about it just that it would be able to hold everyhting you needed.

Back during the launch stages of the Vex product line, a carrying case and metal cutting kit were both planned. These would have rolled out along with the first set of Vex Accessories in August 2005, and as such they were included on the Vex poster.

However during further development of these kits, it was decided that they were very cost prohibitive (way too expensive) for consumer sales. At this time they were cancelled. In the future these kits may be resurrected, produced, and sold; but this isn’t likely.

So yes, these really are the lost accessory kits.


thanks for that answer.

since they stoped making those im sure a small tool from home depot would work i dont know the name of it but there only like 20.00 to 40.00 or mabye even less i dont realy know iv seen them tho you can buy a bunch of little blades theres like 40 of them:eek:

I use a jewelers saw for cutting the key steel, eats straight through it!,_pearl/Tools_and_supplies_for:_Inlay,_pearl_cutting/Pearl_Cutting_Saw_and_Blades.html

A hacksaw would work well, use a file to deburr the edges. Personally I wouldn’t be too good with the jewelers saw, I couldn’t cut strait enough! :smiley:

I use a jig saw and some super heavy duty wire cutters to cut axles and small beams

we use tin snips for plates/other easy stuff
bandsaw for the other angled metal / shafts
of course we have to deburr afterwards, but still, the tin snips work awesome as a cutting tool [for quick easy cuts]

Dremel has some great blades for cutting and deburring. You can get a cheap Dremal for around $30.00.

For bending a use a masons chisel and the joints in the side walk. The mason chisel is 3 1/2’ wide and makes for decent bend.