The match isn't over until all objects come to rest

G18 It’s not over until it’s over. Scores will be calculated for all Matches immediately after the Match,
once all Cubes, Field Elements, and Robots on the field come to rest.
a. The determination of the Autonomous Bonus will occur for all Matches immediately after the
Autonomous Period, after all Cubes, Field Elements, and Robots come to rest.

Am I correct in assuming that the Robots part of this means any motion of the robot not just the arms. If the robot is on the edge of the zone on the plastic support at the buzzer and it rolls off the edge and onto the floor that the scoring does happen until the robot stops rolling.


sounds about right.

I’m curious, how long after the match is ended can something move and change the score? I had a match where a cube wasn’t stacked properly on top of another cube (leaning against the perimiter tilted a bit), then about 15 seconds after the match, when the match was almost done getting scored, the cube slid all the way down, and became stacked. would this cube be added to the score?


another question: could teams somehow make a mecanism to perform an action after the match/auton has ended? I’m talking about maybe a rubber band powered actuation that pushes a robot away from the goal zone to no longer contact a stack of cubes, giving yourself a little extra time for auton?


I also had this happen. We were on the yellow platform for a straight 2 minutes, and then it fell and the other team tried to dock points on us. The ref said it was there for 2 minutes and it was not match affecting so we still go the points


This seems possible. I dont know if it is allowed based on the rules, but I don’t know if it would be worth it either. That might be ridiculously hard to make, and might only give 0.25 seconds in advantage. In my opinion, it just doesnt seem to be worth it…


Don’t quote me on this, but I believe IFI (Vex U Team) had a mechanism that launched balls after autonomous ended (super last minute double shot). This was for last year’s game (Turning Point). Though rules don’t necessarily transfer over every year, it’s likely been allowed in the past.


This just made me think…
Spin up a low friction flywheel and then make everyone wait 5 minutes for it to stop. Not that you should do this, but would it apply? According to the rule it seem like it would.

The only option I could think of is if you could get your tray to tilt forward very slowly, using rubber bands and somehow move away. Probably impossible, but a really cool idea.


I can’t speak for IFI, but for 8059A TP’s autonomous, we timed it till the very last millisecond of the autonomous.
By the time the balls hit the flags, it will be seen as already past the autonomous period, but the triggering was timed and done at the very last millisecond of the autonomous period - which is perfectly legal.

So for this year’s game, and in the context of one of the post - the robot can placed the stack down and back off at the very last millisecond of the autonomous period. Nothing illegal about it… even though the momentum of the pushing off will continue to carry the robot backward even after the 15-sec has ended.

But if the scenario is such that there is some elastic and passive mechanical means that allow the robot to do that after the end of autonomous, then it will be worth checking in the official q&a.


So using a flywheel to spin just to make people wait would result in almost every referee ignoring it, tallying the score, and moving on. NbN and TP had Flywheels and no one batted an eye about moving on with scoring.

However using a centrifugal/centripetal clutch that only engaged below a certain RPM, requiring the flywheel to spin down before activating… I am not ready to see where that takes us.

Team 8000 from Starstruck levels of shenanigans. Except 100% after the clock hits 0:00


Yes, your example is correct. I’ve also seen stacks fall over right after the match ends, and the fallen stacks weren’t scored.

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This is possible. You could have a mechanism that, when the motors release because the match is over, would slightly push the bot away from the zone. This could very well backfire too, knocking a stack. It could be illegal, I’m not too sure on the rules about that.

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Make sure you pay close attention to the definition of stacked in the rulebook.

Stacked Cube - A Cube status. A Cube is considered a Stacked Cube if it meets the following criteria at the end of the Match:

  1. Contacting the Top Surface of a Base Cube or Stacked Cube.
  2. Not contacting the top of the field perimeter wall.
  3. Not contacting the Top Surface of any Cubes which are not Scored.

If the cube was tilted against the barrier but not contacting the top of the perimeter wall it is still considered scored assuming it is touching the top surface of the base cube.

it wasn’t. it was leaning a bit, not level with that top cube.

anyways, could you technically use a flywheel or a weight or something to build up potential energy and use that energy to perform actions that extend well beyond the 15 second auton period? would’ve been much more practical last season, there’s not much you can do with an extra few seconds this year (assuming you’ve already placed your stack).

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