The META Design

Hello everyone! The Texas VEX Alliance has posted a quiz on their Instagram where the public may vote and decide for the expected meta design for this season. After some time, the results were tallied and charts were made for the expected design for this season. If you and your team is new, I would suggest that this would be the best design to be both simplistic and competitive at once, and that it could potentially make you go far in this game.
A link to the results can be found here:
NOTE: The results of the vote has no influence with the Texas VEX Alliance, and it is to simply help new teams.
If you would like to get help and advice about your designs and ideas, would like to join in on the votes, or maybe want to see some leaks we may post in the future, make sure to follow the Texas VEX Alliance Instagram (The results can be found here as well):
EDIT//: You guys are awesome, thank you so much for the support towards my team, as well as our alliance too :). As long as I am getting support like this, I am more than willing to help provide to you guys and give advice too.