The Most Important Question of All

You guys may be talking about Spin Up and whatnot, but the real question isn’t being asked from those of us who weren’t at worlds for some reason. What was the best Worlds food this year?

Jokes aside, a more serious question (though I’m serious about the ice cream) is who or what impressed you the most this year at Worlds? Did a team perform extremely well in a match or did someone pull off a crazy skills run or did someone have spoons (I heard from a little friend named Reddit that team 60883 was handing those out)?

Personally, I was cheering on 3324B Supernovas Calamity from the middle school competition and was thoroughly impressed by how they did. Placed second along with 4610J Jariffe for the entire competition. I was also extremely impressed on three of the four middle/high school world champions being from California. West coast diff I guess lol.


All of the double parks! In the UK, we saw about 2 all season but at div finals and at the dome, it felt like one every other game


I noticed at least two matches where all 4 robots parked and all goals were elevated, several of which had rings. One was a 7 vs 10 R16 match (the one in Math, 44420X/59A vs 99067B/2660X), and the other was either a 6105C elimination match or a match from the dome (probably with 4154X).

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I was extremely impressed by 16099B and 1569A’s performances at worlds. I can confidently say everyone from Southern New York was cheering them on through elims, and for 16099B in the dome. To my knowledge, no team from SNY has ever even made it to division finals, and for two of us to make it, and even better, have one make it to the dome was really something special.


Also, shout out to 20785A HYBRID (another team from our school, in our year group or grade) as they are first UK VRC team to make it past QFs and first UK VRC team to get a judged award at in person worlds (only previous one was a service award; 20785B got build at LRT worlds last year)