The New VEX Webpage Look

I must say that the new look looks good but the over all display seems bad. No longer does it spread the full width of the page but it’s now just a narrow bar in the middle. Does anyone else have this “problem”? Also what does everyone else think.

Also I must say the the menu bar at the top is a nice add on.


like the menu bar on the top
do not like the look of the actual page
i also like it to be the entire width of the page

This new look is not good. While the menu on top is nice looking, the fact that it doesn’t scale to the width of the browser makes it harder to read on higher resolutions and/or large monitors (I view this at 1600x1200 on a 21" monitor).

I’m viewing it at 1920 x 1200 on a 24" monitor, and it looks fine to me??

This “set width” is not uncommon. If you notice, utilizes the same format. I think with time, you’ll learn to live with (or even like) the new look.

This is a new design we are working with, and there may be changes as we move forward. The entire Vex Site will be going through a redesign at some point.


I should have been more specific when I said

I prefer the wider format because I read quickly, and scrolling slows me down. It is harder to read because now I have to scroll to see the amount of information that used to fit on my screen all at once.

Is it possible to increase the set width at least a little bit? I’m viewing 1280x1024 and there is about 2 1/2 inches of space on either side.

OTOH, you can now navigate directly to the VexLabs homepage or Products with the “Vex Robotics Design System” banner at the top of Each page, and I can even view my Innovatives First Shopping Cart Status with one Click!!!

BTW, I run Firefox 2.x in a reduced window, so the formatting looks fine, and I can view other applications on my destop as well…

1280x1024 Screen Shot

i must say, i find this new look very annoying, although it does have nice graphics. i wonder if it would be possible to have some sort of setting that allows users to change back to the original (better) width.

i dont see the differance besides the bar at the top which is kool:confused:

Thats the same thing I was about to say.

It will depend on the resolution of your monitor. The higher the resolution the narrower the page.

on most mouses or mice or whatever the scrroll wheel can be pressed and you will see a circle with an up and down arrow then you can just move the mouse slightly douwn and the page will go down the farther you move move the mouse the faster the page goes this way you can set it to continusly down, you wont have to thoch it after this
oh, and to turn itoff just left click

The new header looks nice, and the View Cart and Search box are now better integrated with the entire design.

The fixed width is also nice, since many studies have shown that about fifteen words per line is optimal for reading. Any less, and you’re changing lines too often, and much more and it becomes difficult keep continuing on the same line, which now makes the site much easier to read on large monitors.

After looking at the site on a very large monitor on a CAD workstation computer (with 2048x1280 resolution), the only problem I see is that the surrounding background around the pages is white. If it were anything but white, the page would look much better. A simple repeating background that stretches the width of the screen with a simple gradient or cross hatch pattern (or a Vex-metal pattern ;)), along with red borders along the two sides of the page, would drastically make everything look better.

Here’s a quick sketch I drew up using a screenshot as a base image, to illustrate this:

Art, thanks for pointing that out. I’ve never thought of that before and now that it has been brought to my attention I see the reason this is like this. I now notice that it has been easier to read.

i think the new look is great and so what if its downsized a bit, you can still read the posts right?..then whats the problem!?

I whipped out the ol’ tape measure and I have 1 7/8 gap on each side.

I agree with that. It looks too plain on the sides, which stretches 3 inches on each side for me.

Common or not, this is shoddy formatting. Come on guys, step up. You can do better. There is no excuse for limiting your page to the middle third of my screen.

lol, on a 15" screen it looks fine but on my 17" screen ive got almost 2" off on each side