The NZ Scrimmage Thread

Hi all, myself and a few others decided that instead of making a new thread for every NZ scrimmage that happens, we would make a single NZ Scrimmage Thread where results/articles and comments can be posted after each scrimmage. That way people who are interested can keep following this thread, and people who aren’t have fewer threads to ignore ;).

So, to start the thread, the third NZ Upper North Island scrimmage was held today at Onehunga High School.

AURA wrote the following article about it, which should cover the essentials:

Original Link:

Thanks, as is usual, to all the other competitors for the good games. It’s nice to see both the experienced and the less experienced teams improving as the season goes on! The general quality of matches seems to be going up, with less robots focused on the floor goals and more focused on the troughs and high goal!

Thanks (yet again) to Jack (2915A) for the amazing alliance again. Now that the 300 barrier is broken, we’ll just have to try and go higher :p. Also a huge thanks to all the volunteers for the hard work in refereeing, field resetting and also all the work behind the scenes to make the monthly scrimmages possible.

400 here we come (see gallery :3)! Thanks (again again) for the great alliance, your robot was AMAZING as usual. Unfortunately no Free Range, aMax or Binary Blitz really this season (except FRR at the last), hopefully we will see you guys soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Like you said, theres alot of teams stepping up, good to see some more good robots coming through :slight_smile:

The referees and organizers did an amazing job, well done. Thanks Onehunga for the venue. Well done to Prime robotics (and our S) for making it to finals :slight_smile: sadly i lost my first game of the season today :frowning: haha, well done to all teams

Jack you guys are slacking; you let them score 4 points. So telemascope how different was you robot to the one you had at the first scrimmage?

If you don’t mind me asking, about how many sacks were scored on the high goal/trough/floor goal? Did you guys physically change your robot to make the score go higher or was it all strategy?

It looks like New Zealand is off to another very impressive start. Leave some milestones to break for the rest of us! Has anyone developed a strong programming skills run yet?

Designs this season look to be far more varied than they were in Gateway, at least for the first tournaments. Since the Kiwibots aren’t uploading any videos yet of their early tournaments, the metagame will have more time to develop in each individual region before everyone starts scouting each other out and the metagame stabilizes.

This is getting pretty interesting, assuming that both alliances can de-score… that is

I worked on one for about half a day earlier this week and got basically nowhere. I was attempting to do it without any repositioning, but considering the ways in which sacks behave this year, its very difficult. Even with repositioning, I can see programming skills scores this year being a LOT lower than driver skills. Scores will probably be very inconsistent as well, as there are a tonne of things that can go wrong very easily.

Without giving too much away, I’m just going to leave it at there were a LOT of sacks scored in the troughs.

A bit of both.

So yeah, no Free Range again. We very nearly had one of our robots built though :wink: It should be done by now, and it should be good. I can’t say the same for my robot though, things are looking as though the robot might be done by the end of next season, but not much sooner than that :stuck_out_tongue:

Oats and Jack have very impressive robots still, I can’t wait to start competing with them.

One thing that I did notice was that Jack had copied Free Range’s transforming intake. You did a good job with it though, so there are no hard feelings against you for copying, Jack :wink:


I believe he actually implemented the transforming intake in a few matches at the first scrimmage as well though. Admittedly the FRR robot at the last scrimmage probably did show him how effective the transforming intake could be.

Were any robots at the scrimmage strictly defenesive. Or was there a defensive strategy that was used in the finals because when the opponent scores 1 point, then… :slight_smile:

There were robot(s) at the scrimmage that were mainly defensive, but none of the robots in the finals were.

If you consider a lot of rescoring (removing sacks from the opponent trough and putting them into your own) to be defensive, then yes.

Were both alliances able to de-score?

I think this is going to be very vital this year if you want to be successful. If you can descore and collect the descored sacks, then score them in your own goal in a matter of seconds, then I think you will be the top bot.

This is something that will be key this year :wink:

The nz bots are a few order of magnitudes higher than your talking about as a “top bot”.

I really want to believe that your sending us encrypted messages… but if you really are and that i’m following them correctly i’m not liking what i’m seeing

Well However Everyone Excels Lynfield Literally Exceeds Great Success

I don’t know what your talking about :wink:

Typical persons thought: They must be pretty good
A Competitive Engineer’s thought thought: How to increase our efficiency…
A Freshmen’s thought: Let’s copy it!!

My thought: There must be something i’m missing with the high goal. . .

edited for grammar… yet there wasnt a grammar issue… o.O

Lol, have you been reading this at all they don’t use high goal it has very low point capacity.

According to tha aura article, 2nd to last paragraph

We did (we as in the alliance) use the high goal, however we never put more than about 50pts up there, its just basically a safeguard if something goes horribly wrong with the troughs : p