The one answer question thread

On another forum I visit we have this same thread and it its very helpful. This thread is for when one has a question that has one simple answer and it doesn’t need a whole thread.

I’ll start this off… How thick are mecanum wheels?

question two: so when this becomes a “huge hit”, everyone is suppose to sift through pages and pages not knowing if their questions were answered or not?

thats why there is a Ctrl + F, Murdomeek. This coming from the kid with the 400+ reply thread. I think this is a great idea, unfortunately, I can’t answer the first question. :frowning:

also, is this thread only suppose to have question/answer posts?
to keep this on topic-ish heres the link to the mecanum wheel page (which doesnt have the answer… hence the “ish”)

They can search the thread but after a while it is fine if some questions are repeated.

It is for people to ask simple questions that have a simple answer like the thickness of mecanum wheels. If a question is not so simple like what do you do to prepare for a competition then it should get its own thread.

I don’t know how helpful you’ll find this but this is the thread in the other forum I was talking about. As you can see it has over 22,000 replies and I find it extremely effective.

2.019" is the width of a mecanum wheel, or at least that’s what SolidWorks is telling me.

It would make more sense if we just kept our IRC populated.

This is an Interesting Idea, having ALL Simple Questions in One Place… Just as a note, the Forum is run on vBulletin too, just like the Vexforum.

Vexforum has a 24 Hour Window to make Changes and Corrections to your Post… I would be concerend, when there might be follow up posts to a Question and an Answer, where a Third Party is making a Correction or Addendum to the Answer, and there have been 10-20 Intervening Posts, on unrelated Topics… It might be harder to present them as a Cohesive Thread… Although, vBulletin might make that moot…

The current procedure to limit the Thread to One topic seems to work well, most of the time…

FWIIW, the Advanced Search on Vexforum seems to work really well. I think that maybe only once have I used Google to search the Vexforum for some esoteric combination of Parameters…

I guess that a One Answer Question Thread could be “tried out”…

I am measuring my mechanum wheels right now and it looks like they are about 2 and 1 eighth inches wide but we gave them about 3 inches of space since we also have a chain drive to them. Hope this helps.