The Online Challenges page for this year is gone?

This morning I went to the page that I’ve used in the past to get to the 2016-2017 Online Challenges, but it said that the page didn’t exist. While looking through all of the notes I’ve taken, and the bookmark I’ve made, I’ve always used the same link, and in the past, it’s worked for me. As it isn’t working, and I can’t find it just by searching for “VEX Online Challenges 2017” and things along those lines, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the actual link is??

Thank you!!

Is this what you are looking for?

That was for the NbN Season.
If you click on one the entries and winners are there


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The opening dates for the online challenges are in September. It wouldn’t surprise me if they aren’t available till then.
If all you want is rules and outlines of competitions then the link by @Vex Dudes 8558B will be fine.

They were up earlier for quite a while at which I assume is the page OP is referencing. Now they have disappeared it seems.

@DRow @Karthik

I emailed Jim Crane ( from RECF a couple days ago regarding the 2016-2017 online challenges and he said they were still finalizing the online challenges for the new season, and they will open in September.

They probably took down that page so that we don’t get confused about the new season’s challenges since they are still working on it. Mr. Crane said not to assume anything on that page was accurate.

Hi folks - we’ve been making some cool changes to our website over the past few weeks, and when the 2016-2017 Online Challenges are ready shortly in the fall, we’ll post them here:
Right now you can still view the winners of the previous season’s challenges. We’ll send out an announcement when this season’s challenges are ready to open. Thanks!