The origin of "v"

The origin of “v”

As told to me telepathically by the chartreuse-haired chairman himself (allegedly)

It was the hot summer afternoon of August 31st in Greenville, Texas. The local members of the @VEX_GDC had just finished lunch in the cafeteria at VEX HQ and gathered around a table to complete their last big task of the day. @Grant_Cox lead the group through the verbiage of the changes in their Google doc, confirming with everyone what they were about to do. There were just a few steps left; copy the new rules to the game manuals, make the uploads, and post to the forum and wait for the reaction of the bombshell of a 6 point auton bonus. The final tasks were delegated and the group dismissed for the day. @DRow prepared the forum post, as always. A unknown member made the edits, but at the crucial moment of editing R6b forgot to hold the CTRL key. This is the origin of “v”.

I’ll bet it was @Sidoti

@tabor473 wouldn’t have made that mistake #TaborForGDC


chute door?

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I’ve been in enough group projects with @tabor473. He absolutely would have made that mistake.


Yaaaaaaaa. There was definitely some early low moments when it came to my contributions to the project.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Just trying to rile up the Oscar crowd

Vex origin stories chit chat thread incoming

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