The power of friction!

Hey, it seems to me that most teams issues involving their flywheel involves friction in one way or another and in hopes to solve this issue i was thinking we could all post clever ways we found to reduce friction. Hopefully together we can eliminate friction. long live smooth flywheels!!

Actually not all friction are bad.
Eg. The balls will need certain amount of friction to enable it to roll forward.

And I don’t think it is realistic to even totally eliminate friction. You can only reduce or minimise it… And of course it is also about identifying which friction and at where there is unnecessary.

I had a problem with 1 side of my double fly wheel having way more friction than the other and it was burning out after a minute of running at motor power 127 while the other would go substantially longer…

I ended up just going in and replacing all of my bearings that were involved with that side of the fly wheel and it fixed enough of the friction so that it goes around the same time before burnout as the other side.

I was just being careful with it being at motor speed 127 even though I’m only running each motor at about 70 to shoot full field.

Hope this helps

Post a picture. In most cases something simple and hard to see like not pretesting VEX bearings can through you off but more often it is something obvious like the sides not being perfectly straight.

It works good now :slight_smile: I’ll post a picture later but I may have just screwed in a bearing weirdly since I am using lock nuts and screws instead of the push pins.

Until then I can tell you it is a 2 motor per side double fly wheel that has 2 36 tooth gears connected to the motors driving a 12 tooth gear and on that same shaft there is an 84 tooth gear which drives a 12 tooth gear on the wheel shaft. Making for a 21-1 ratio combined with internal speed gearing.