The problem of motor's communication

our motor burns the ports and we don’t know how to fix it. We have lost approximately 10 ports. Do you know the reason behind this problem and the solution?
thanks in advance
note: Our competition will be in Friday;)

Are you using the same wire, and if not the motor is most likely broken beyond repair so I would just throw it out.

Yes, now we are testing the motor with another cable, but we have Just one usable Port. That’s a little bit… Anyway, thank you for your Response.

oh man. That is seriously not good. With one port left, you should honesty order another brain already, because if two more ports break (not out of the question at all) then you’re going to have to order it anyways at a time you need it. First law of VEX: anything thst can happen will happen, and guaranteed at the worst time possible.

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Yeah… That’s really True. Fortunately, we have one more brain. Also, maybe we can borrow a brain from our Sister school:)

And actually if you’re out that many ports, quit using the motor! Don’t make the brain useless!

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