The Q&A is now open

The Q&A for VEX Robotics Competition Nothing But Net is now open. Please make sure to read and follow the Q&A Usage Guidelines. Questions will start to be answered periodically, however regular and rapid answers will not be given until the rules are considered official on June 15th, 2015, as per <G18>.

Where can we access the Q&A? I still only see the skyrise Q&A under “Official Technical Support” on the list of forums. Am I looking in the wrong spot?

Edit: I disagree that “clarification on SG5” is a good thread title. Last season we had:

<SG9> Clarification
<SG9> Clarification enemy Skyrise
Clarification on <SG9> and <SG10>
Clarification on SG9
SG9 clarification

And possibly more (when I collected them I ignored quite a few threads that were just restating existing rules).

The word “clarification” doesn’t need to be in any thread title; it’s implied by the fact that the thread is in the official Q+A so the word doesn’t add any information. It’s helpful to include the rule in the title, but the title should also contain some information that explains how the question is different from other questions about the same rule. So “SG2 preload clarification” contains no more information than if you had called the thread “SG2”, but “SG2 both robots” is a helpful thread title that tells people what aspect of the preloading rules you are asking about.

Thanks for the link.:slight_smile: