Do you know if there will be any reinforcements to the Plastic Sheet Connector Pins for Worlds?

I know some robots pop the pins out as soon as they climb or hit the ramp, but over time the pins show wear under normal use and pop out. At our latest tournaments and on our own field the Connector Pins pop out too easily. When the pins are out, our robot has trouble climbing the ramp. I heard that some teams have taped or glued the ramp together. I told my team they need to practice with the ramp as is, popped out or not, because we don’t know how the fields will be at Worlds. Note: They do connected all the pins at the start but they end up out before they try to climb the ramp. With 180+ Vex IQ Middle School Teams, there should be a lot of wear.

At Worlds will there be any reinforcements to the Connector Pins on the Ramp and Goal? Or perhaps will the worn pins be replaced daily?

Thank you