The rankings could look a little weird next year

I got the NEW and IMPROVED Tournament Manager.

Naturally, I went about trying to game the new rules.

The first difference is that it’s all averages. So, the average WP will always be a number between 0 and 3.

If you win every match and are the only undefeated team, you can still come in before teams that took a couple of losses if they are constantly getting the home row bonus. Here the only undefeated team is in 7th place out of 12 teams… So the only undefeated team is in the bottom half of the teams.

(This is insanely unlikely and I really gamed the numbers to make it come out this way.)


I guess there would be some argument as to why they are even displaying W-L-T… But for scouting it could be important because the home row won’t matter in eliminations. So you might still want to pick team 1 first because they are able to win the match without worrying about home row.


I’m somewhat confused how teams are able to get fractions of a win point, auton point, and strength of schedule point? how is this possible?

It’s an average, based on rounds and points 1 auton point in 2 rounds = .5


I like the Avg WP, Avg AP, etc.

I’ve seen in for years in FRC and I’m pretty used to it.


It’s an average of the amount of whatever points you have. So it’s total points/number of matches per category (I think). This is interesting for scouting because it shows a much more accurate representation of the team throughout the tournament where not every team has played the same number of matches. The points for a given category is dependent on the amount of matches played.

The WP category is a bit misleading, can someone elaborate on that?

More specifically, why is the WP confined to this range?

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Because it’s impossible to attain more than 3 WPs in a single match (One frome home row and two from winning). Therefore the average WPs can never exceed 3 either.


thats cool, I didn’t know about the averages

Ahh, that makes more sense. I’d imagine it’d be really hard to get a solid 3 WP by the end of the tournament and the team that does so is probably highly competent. This is a much more accurate way to measure competence because the odds of a low-level team winning home row and winning the match multiple times are incredibly low (or maybe I’m overestimating the difficulty of winning home row). The way this system is set up, it is much easier to scout the competence of a team using the data provided by the tournament.

Mind you, raw skill isn’t the only thing that makes for a good alliance partner.


I know it would get clustered, but I wish that along with WPs, APs, and SPs, the average amount of times a team completed the home row was also included. I get that you could technically calculate it from the W-L-T and WP, but it would be nice to clearly see how many times a team cleared the home row.

Other than that, I’m indifferent to averages. Mentally, the only thing that changes is that a team doesn’t skyrocket from 16th to like 3rd if they are the first team to play their third match, so I guess it is a slight improvement improvement.

Anecdotally, from my seasons in VEX, TT was the worst in terms of lower-capacity teams ranking extremely high, so I expect this year’s rankings to be better, with instead of meh/bad teams mixed with top teams, we have top teams with driver mixed with top teams in programming.


I believe that the home row is important for eliminations. If you get that, then the only thing that will beat it for automatic is another home row. I also believe that 75% ish percent of the time, the team that wins auton wins the match.

I personally can’t wait for the meta to evolve to getting the home row, and then securing the middle row in autonomous.