The Return of Super Stacking

It stayed for about 30 seconds.

dead img link

Looks good to me…?

Dead for me, too. Getting an error from bookface.

Anyone else find it hilarious that the second a super stacker is mentioned Murdomeek appears?
Its like a sixth sense
ability to sense when the vex forum is talking about super stackers

This one should work for everyone.

funny, cuz i just finished a final today and got time to relax for once
what do you know? :wink:

and yes i do see it now :slight_smile:

Um… wow. I expected 2-3 bucky balls perched on top of each other. But not that. Wow.

The red and the blue big balls would off set each other, meaning no gain in points for either team. Unless, that is during skills, and that would be serious points scored.

That’s good that out robot got in the picture too, that way we have proof of us stacking it.

But theoretically the same could be done with 2 balls of the same color. Which would offset an opponent high hang with a ball.

However, I would think any robot tall enough to stack a big ball on a big ball, should be tall enough to hang. So unless their robot is extremely heavy, I say they should try to hang too, making them very hard to beat.

How is that even possible?

I wonder if you could stack even more like three or four. The only problem is that they would be extremely easy to de-score, and if they fall off before the judges score the match then they wouldn’t count as scored.

Here’s some more photos: :slight_smile:


Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Do you have a video stacking them, I still find it very unlikely to be able to stack them that perfectly onon top of each other.