The reveal of the 817 Sparticles Robot

Well we finally got around to making a video of our robot. If you want to see the video immediately go to:

Features: We can consistently score twenty points in autonomous (including prescore)
We have a six motor drive train geared 5:3 for speed, which allows us to be quick and still be able to easily push goals around the field.
We can easily pick up stacks with the claw
We can descore high and low goals with the claw
We can put tubes under the ladder and sometimes score on movable bases if they are under the ladder
We can index tubes with our needle
We can sort tubes between the claw and needle while we are driving
We can score between 1 and 4 tubes on any goal even if we have picked up more.
We can store 8 tubes on our tower.

Our strategy in competitive matches is to put two stacks of our tubes in our tower immediately, then go around putting the other team’s tubes under the ladder for the next minute and thirty seconds. In the last thirty seconds, we score our tubes, and hopefully our alliance having more tubes available at the end will make the difference in who wins and loses.

For skills challenges we just remove the needle.

We have had a successful season as you can see from my signature. :slight_smile:

Lookin’ good. The claw and needle combo is a really nice way to get the indexing ability while still being able to quickly deal with stacks. I love the way your needle just press fits into the tubes and doesn’t need any intake motors just the lift one.

Good luck and see you in Florida

Thanks for the kind words. Its unfortunate that our schedules never matched up:( I’ll definitely stop by your pit at Worlds.

I almost forgot to mention that the main advantage of a separate claw and needle design over a needle and descoring fork is that we have more control over the tubes that we descore. Every tube we descore (when we carry out the strategy mentioned above) will go under the ladder.

Very interesting/ awesome design. We’ve thought about doing something like that, but abandoned it. Really great how you managed to pull it off – and pull it off well.

See you at World’s.

what if all the scored tubes are single tubes?
are you still going drive all the way to the ladder and all the way back just for a single tube?
that is the question…

Then we’ll probably drop two of our tubes so that we can pick up more of the other team’s before dropping them under the ladder. We might do this anyways since our auto ends up near the stack of two tubes.

Good point though. Dropping single tubes under the ladder is definitely not worth it. (especially since we don’t have to)