The RoboExpo

<This is the event that was originally posted as being on October 7th.>

What: The RoboExpo
When:October 14th 2006
Where: “The Wigwam” in Anderson, IN
Cost?: $25
Limitations?: ONE kit
Website?: Here
Build time: The game was released on October 1st 2006.

PM me or contact the contacts on the website if you have any questions.

very interesting. i would like to go, but i am currently living in NJ. i like how they have a very strict part regulations.

Sorry, but im out also… too busy. and is that the IRI game from '05? and I noticed my bot on the top… :smiley:

i could go but my dad has drill i live in toledo oh

me and my fellow team members are gonna be there

I am also competing in this contest, I am from Jac-Cen-Del, located in southeastern Indiana, and I must say right now that my robot has one small problem in it and I have one day left to work!!! All I have to really do is created a bunch of zip ties that are cut just right so they snap just when I want them to. This contest will be awesome!

I am going to be a “Head Ref” on one of the fields. To be specific, I will be on the Student field. The rules are pretty basic, don’t do anything that’s “not too smart”. If you are having robot trouble, I will be able to help along with TONS of experienced VEX users.

Reminder to all attending. Be there ON TIME! It is a jam packed day, the quicker we get through inspections the quicker you can compete! :smiley:

No, as seen in the Copetition details there is a brand new game, new rules, new field, new everything.

So, now that it is over.

Did you like it?
What would you like to see changed?
Would you come back?
Suggestions would be great too.


does anyone have any pictures of the robots?

There are plenty out there. I will try to get ahold of some here this week. There were some insanely simple and complex designs there. New uses of the zip ties too.

Couldn’t help but see this…
I was on team 31, which was part of the winning alliance for the High school division (I was with the “triplets” as the joke went around).