The robot

i was curious on what you guys were using to shoot the ball and what is the gear ratio and how was it done

dual flywheel using four wheels, 1:21 gear ratio, 4 motors, geared internally for speed, 5 in wheels, more info here

We had a dual flywheel, geared 49:3 on each side, using 2 high torque motors on each half of the launcher.

I think for a dual flywheel anything from about 15:1 to 27:1 (in terms of external gearing with varying motor speed configs) should be fine. I recommend you look at what has worked for other teams, and build your robot from there.

Thought that you said 49:1 for a second… now that would be crazy… :slight_smile: And probably completely ridiculous (for a dual flywheel)

Yeah that defintlry would be crazy and overkill :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a 49:1 ratio and it wouldn’t move but it would have been crazy

How would you get that to work and does it work effectively and able to shoot in the smaller goal at the top

We use 9:1 gear ratio with turbo motors and 5 inch wheels and it works like a charm but we only have one wheel on each side because we need to get holders on the top but we are pushing specs and we have a competition tomorrow but with two wheels it works better due to momentum and weight [ATTACH]9737[/ATTACH]

how did you get a 9:1 ratio

For our third rebuild, we have constructed a double flywheel launcher with a 1:7 external gearing. We just finished it today and have a bunch of testing to do before our next tournament, but we’re going to try to do a reveal of this robot’s launcher and lift before November 7th.

It overshoots right now with the motors set between 80-100. The motors are currently geared with the turbo kits.

We had a 35:1 ratio single flywheel, it worked pretty well, but needed some refinements. This robot no longer exists and is being replaced with something much better.

I think someone needs to do a 1:49 dual flywheel with like 8 motors xD That would be epic :smiley:

We got 9:1 with 36:12 which is 3:1 then two of those so 9:1