The secret to running CAD on old/slow computers

It’s very simple, the version of the cad program you download corresponds with how much processing power it will take. If you can’t run Autodesk inventor 2017, try 2015 or 2012, it WILL run better

Why stop at 2007?

You can use 1950s CAD on low-spec computers and have a buttery smooth* experience.


  1. Kill a tree.
  2. Process the dead tree.
  3. Place the processed tree carcass on your computer.
  4. Apply the ‘writing utensil of choice’ treatment.
  5. Profit!
  • “Buttery smooth” experience only guaranteed for perfectly flat (on the microscopic level) computer cases.

It seems that my laptop will run Inventor 2012… but I can’t find a download of it anywhere…