The shafts and sprockets

Hello, few days ago, i made a topic about the sprockets, they are almost impossible to be inserted into shafts, i don’t why is this happening, i mean that with the gears. it’s easy to insert them but the sprockets are almost impossible to insert, and if so, it’s very hard to get it out, so are you guys having the same problem? or it’s just me?

Hello Ahmad. If you already started a topic about this subject it would be better to continue the conversation there instead of creating duplicates. I haven’t had this problem and as was pointed out in the other topic, if you use a a thin beam as a toll to help ypu push, it is a lot easier to put a sprocket on a shaft or remove it.

In that topic he said that if there is any further you can contact the technical support so i thought that he means the topic is closed. Anyway, all kind of sprockets are almost impossible to be inserted and removed with me, i really mean impossible, even with the beam, and even with a wall !!! Maybe the problem is with my sprockets? because the shafts can be inserted to a gears nicely??

Hi Ahmad,

It sounds like there may be an issue with your sprockets. Our technical support folks will help resolve this problem - please give them a phone call at 1-903-453-0802 or email at


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