The State of VEX EDR for Middle School

my school and plenty of others stop doing vex edr because it was either too expensive or they don’t care anymore. walking into my class on the first day back at school in 3 months and having you hole class tells you at once was… (I’m not going to act like I didn’t cry like a little girl that day)

help me find out what happened to the program.
(this was at the being of this year)


Robotics is very expensive, and without funding, schools won’t support it. I would recommend trying to find sponsors or trying to get your local high school team to let you use their stuff and numbers. (Provided there is a local high school that does robotics.)


Middle School VRC programs are pretty hit an miss depending on the region. IQ is a lot easier and cheaper for that age bracket.

With that said, reach out to your teachers and administration. Have them do a donors choose to buy the new equipment that you will need to keep going. Or, just try and split the remaining cost among the kids in the class. I have to charge my kids $50 per year but it is well worth it for the value they get out of being in the class.

(We do fund raisers and there are no kids don’t participate because of money… But it is a necessary evil!)


well it is not that because that is what I suggested and they told me no

You always have the option of starting your own team or join a team that isn’t with a school, but vex is expensive.

Also you could join a high school team.


Is the teacher leaving or retiring???

i can’t i tried that too you have to be in the same district (and i live on the end of my district so i cant go to high schools or other middle schools

he hates us tho

he’s a good guy tho

we also pay 50 bucks

Do you know if it is a money issue or something else?

Oh, we have to pay 100 dollars.

So, your school advisor does not want to do VRC anymore? not sure it is hates, but maybe has spent too much time doing it and needs to be with family.

You should speak with your principal and see if you can get another club advisor. If not, start your own team. If you are associated with scouts or another organization, the RECF has grants to help teams get started.


That sounds pretty complicated. Take some time… Give it a month and bounce some ideas around. You have to build a coalition of some sort. To do that you have to listen to all of the stakeholders and get them on your side, but you will have to give a little as well. How many kids want to continue working with VRC? Work with them all to figure something out.

Not trying to be snarky, but you have to work on your written communication as well. We still have no idea why the program is going away, and without details we really can’t give you any meaningful advice.

This is not a VEX rule.

Always a great option. As you are in middle school, you could use this stuff for years.


+1. VEX may not do shipping well, but they do give you opportunities if needed.

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i’m moving to high school next year so my team and i will be set but the other teams didn’t last and they either moved away or stoped doing vex/tsa

i guess i should let it die in my middle school


Please don’t just “let it die.” Even if it’s not Vex, we all (meaning our community and beyond into industry) will be very satisfied if you somehow get your school to back something STEM. Even if it just switches to IQ, getting younger students interested in the STEM field will do wonders for the industry. (Plus you’ll have a feeding system to keep your high school programs rich with passion and students!)


In Delmarva, middle school VRC is growing. To help that I’ve been working on getting grants for teams on getting them the Competition kits to get them started. I look at VIQ as a feeder system for middle school and like @Got_a_Screw_Loose the middle school VRC program is a feeder for the high school programs.

I’ve been looking for numbers for students that drop out of VIQ middle school because they are not challenged by the VIQ robots. I do have a good record that roboteers that do VRC stick to to VRC when they go to high school.

(* and if you are a Delmarva team looking to do middle school robotics let me know)


I should know this, but what are the best grants?

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I’ve been working on starting a new team this year, as I am graduating from middle school. I’ve tried emailing tons of companies/organizations, from Google to NASA to Tesla (and another 16). Any ideas on who to contact?

Well, me.

If you are associated with a non-profit youth organization, like scouts, then you can see about getting a team grant from the RECF to support your troop team. Always best to associated with schools, but if I recall correctly you town does not support VEX at the HS, and the 8th grade is being moved to the HS as well. Which is a double whammy, but also may be an opportunity to discuss with the district about doing VEX for the 8th and interested 9th graders. Not everyone will be able to do FRC, so it may be a good fit with the new configuration of your HS.

Message me and we can continue the conversation.