The Stevonator


jus sayin, using half c channels wud be half the weight…


it works too


Ok, kid, I’ve seen some of your posts and you need to CHILL OUT. You can’t just shoot down other people’s ideas rudely and impertinently just because you feel like it.


I really like this idea. My team has been experimenting with using standoff’s as the main structure for our four bar, intake and mobile goal intake and part of our drive in order to reduce weight and save space. I love the RD4B with standoff’s, I’d love to see someone actually build this. I would if I had the parts/time


Yea man, you need to chill. Its just something that @DylanTheTactician thought of for fun. Why are you being so serious.


This is a very clever use of the parts as they exist. Have you considered that you could drill and tap 3 additional holes into the shaft collars at 90 degree intervals to turn them into connectors for the standoffs? You could also drill holes at 1/2" spacing through the standoffs to allow more points of connection.

Some 2D sketches of a build that uses modified standoffs:

Basically, reductive modifications of vex parts is allowed, and can create opportunities.


I’m very impressed, it shows some out of the box thinking, which I think is one of the things we are all trying to promote.

Can’t wait to see the final set of CAD drawings!


@Doug Moyers That’s a pretty good idea, I might try it out.
Also, as for the “standoffs end up heavier than c-channel”
I have some ideas to fix that but it’d be time consuming and I don’t know if I feel like fixing it
and lastly, @eun Did you even read the text at the top of the post or did you just look at the pictures and start to flame lmao
'tis a mere jokebot, just like the traction wheel 5x Steel X-Drive i made last year


I’m going to make this happen


Do you think it would be practical possible to use these techniques for a scissor lift? I’ve done some prototyping and have had trouble working out the center joint for each stage. (Sorry for the bad drawing, I’ve been wanting to do it in CAD but I haven’t had the time)


@TheLordsChipsBuilder Use HS Collars and green inserts rather than metal collars but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work
it’d be pretty flimsy though




@DylanTheTactician Everyone, I started posting comments recently just for friendly banter. Unfortunately for me, I started receiving quick responses. I didn’t agree with some responses, and I let my emotions get the best of me. I am deeply sorry and I can not apologize enough. With that said, I am deeply ashamed and beg for forgiveness.


Granted. Remember that some things that might sound good when voice tone are involved can come out as just plain old rude on the Internet.


We are counting on you.


I love it.


Don’t you mean a larger sprocket on the motors?

Very nice. However, it’d be so much easier to just cut a c-channel in half…

Where’s it at tho


Oh my god… why is this a thing…

Please don’t let this be the meta for Worlds xD


Standoff mogo tipping armadillo linkage fourbar goliath spider intake hamster drive internal stacker


I would love to see this in real life. It would look super sick.