The Time our Robot Caught Fire (Not ClickBait)

We were testing our robot and all of a sudden it started smoking. It was the motor control we figured out but it was a very scary experience. We are a school team and our teacher got scared.

Short out. Check all of your connections once it is safe. BE SURE YOUR BATTERY IS UNPLUGGED!!!

We did all of that. It is all better now. We have droven it since and everything is working perfectly.

Be sure you check the motor to which the controller was connected. See the following:

We had the same thing, our robotics teacher does electronics and he said in simple terms 2 wires crossed overloading a component and burning a hole through the motor controller. It stunk our pits out for the whole day its horrible.

Thats exatly what happened

I got a head ache from the fumes

Yep I got a head ache as well.

The smoke of burning motor controllers is definitely not very nice. However the pink smoke off our mc 29 fire was quite cool.

Could be worse, we have had 2 cortexes burn ruining ports 1&10 and 2 motor controllers lost to the same thing.

Night before a competition, my robot isn’t working properly, the air smells wrong. Meanwhile my motor controller for my claw starts to glow orange letting out smoke. We quickly turned of the robot. After we unplugged it, we drove again, we noticed that port 10 had stopped working. A little bit later ports 6-10 start just letting Hades loose. We turn it off again. A coach from a different school said to try it in the morning. So we do that. Then port 1isn’t working. Plus in the comp, my motors would work better than usual for a bit and then cut out. And half of my drive would completely stop after autonomous. Then I had a match where my partner had a broken cortex and quit. I was against the other robot from my school and another. They manage to get the one I knew stuck on the 10 point bar so the other robot was trying to get him unstuck the whole match. Meanwhile I got a cone on a mobile goal in the 10 point zone, made my way to another. Then my drive cut out when I was on my colored mat so at least I got a parking bonus and highest stack bonus to beat them, but it had to be the most boring match there.

New meta: Intentionally melting cortexes to boost motor performance!

Cortexes are pretty weird pieces of electronics, sometimes they work better than others for no apparent reason. Example: PPort 9 appeared to be broken right out of box on our cortex, worked after a month. GG Vex QC.

im the one he lost to it was not good match for either of us

I had an excuse. My cortex started on smoke before and I had to cross my fingers that it didn’t do it again all day

.We lost a 2v1 mach to a guy that robots drive cut out to wow bad mach for us good for him i was laughing the entire mach.