The Trouble with Truffles

…a non-VEX Puzzle for Valentine’s Day

This is both off-topic and US centric, since Valetine’s Day is unique to us. However, solving puzzles keeps you thinking. And engineering works better if you think.

The brief story “The Trouble With Truffles” is in the attached PDF.

Larger version of the simple images contained in the story are also attached.

If you are interested, give this a look. If not, just ignore it.

After you solve it, you can enter a drawing with it by taking a picture of your solution. Make sure the picture also includes either you, your robot (with team number) or something else that identifies you, your school, or your team. Send the picture to me via PM (private message; start a new private conversation with me.)

The prize has yet to be determined; we’ll work on that and get back to you.

If we get enough interesting pictures, we’ll make a collage poster and display it at Worlds.

Happy puzzling!
Trouble with Truffles v2.pdf (3.01 MB)

Do you want us to post solutions? I have one.

Great! I’m glad you have a solution already. Don’t post, please.

Send them via Private message. We’ll have a drawing from the correct answers, and we’ll send a prize to the winner.

I’ll also edit the original posting with this information.

is this limited to us?

No, it’s not. But someone who has a forum account has to send in the entry by PM. You can send in entries and pictures from someone else if you like.

Still looking for answers. I’ve been thinking about what prize to give. Mr. Neagle, though has been thinking about last weekend’s tournament. See what I mean?

I swear this was not posed. Really happened today. He’s trying to determine how to keep his teams motivated.

Mr. Neagle has a line on the motivation thing, and I have a line on some VEX swag to use as prizes. More info when it’s all confirmed. But it’s stuff I think you folks will like. Get those entry pictures in!

In the mean time, I’ll answer the question some of you asked. “What was Jason Neagle looking at?” here’s the answer: