The ​umbrella pin or editing pin doesn't show up.


I’ve successfully installed LDCad with all VEX IQ parts, but when creating the new model and try to assemble parts together the ​umbrella pin or editing pin doesn’t show up.
Could you help?

Also how to rotate only one part and don’t allow another parts in work area rotated?


There are several useful shortcuts to learn.

‘P’ is toggling between Pin and no Pin mode.
‘V’ is switching between 2D and 3D view.
‘Shift-P’ toggles between snap-mode and grid mode.
‘M’ switches to move mode (so you can move the selected part(s) by the cursor keys)
‘R’ switches to rotate mode so the cursor keys rotate the selected part.
‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘4’ select how coarse the move grid is, while ‘Ctrl-1’ … ‘4’ select the rotation grid.

Great Thanks a lot for the Information